After trying various different products for the last 3 years finding Geelong Head Lice Service was a god send. I was at my wits end, I would get so overwhelmed, teary and stressed out by trying to remove all of the head lice and eggs I just couldn’t do it myself. I was so embarrassed by the head lice. Geelong Head Lice Service has successfully treated my daughter, son and myself and with great results.

I’m so happy now and wish she had been doing it 3 years ago. I thoroughly recommend Geelong Head Lice Service and Eco Kids to anyone that has head lice. “No More Nits, YEAH!”

Good luck for the future and if I ever need head lice help again, I know who to call. Thanks So Much, Keep up the good work

Adrienne - Geelong
Fantastic service – it is well and truly time that a service like this was offered.
Karen McShane – Highton
With two girls with lovely long hair, we had been battling with continuous head lice for some time. A friend reminded me about Jess’s service and she has been our very own head lice warrior. Not only did she slay the head lice beasts, but gave us many preventative measures to ensure we are head lice free.

We’ve been free of the beasts for six months now and know that if we happen to be unlucky to get them again, our warrior Jess will fight the battle and win!

Alycia – Jan Juc
My 3 children have had extraordinary bad luck with lice at school, getting it frequently. It was costing me money but more importantly precious time without knowing if I was even doing the job properly.

In came Jess, I called her in desperation and she came to my home which I loved and proceeded to eradicate nits from my kids hair. Jess is most definitely an expert in her field and knows what she is talking about and dealing with.

She has a friendly manner that makes the whole experience enjoyable.

A follow up appointment is made where Jess comes back to make sure no nasties have returned.

I would recommend her to any parent and any school needing to fight the war on head lice.

Janina Lear – Piccadilly Market
No one wants to talk about it but it happens. Your kid comes home from school scratching at their scalp and you realise that they have…yes, nits.

The first time my eldest had head lice I was devastated and terrified. I felt like I had let her down and I was terrified that she was going to be teased at school. She didn’t really mind at first, announcing to her mates in the playground, “I’m going home because I’ve got nits!”

But the saga was a long one. First there was a trip to the pharmacy to buy a barrage of chemical based products guaranteed to rid her hair of the little mites. Then I sat her just inside a window to get as much natural light as possible and spent the next 2½ hours checking her hair and removing what I could. She cried most of the time. Then the chemicals went on and she cried some more whilst her scalp went bright red. A hair wash and another overnight treatment and another couple of hours over the next week checking and extracting and I was exhausted. Plus I was so scared that we were all going to get head lice that I treated both of her sisters and my husband and I unnecessarily.

And recently when a notice came home from her school that the lice were back in her classroom, I went on nit vigilance. I braided her unwashed and dirty hair and coated it in hair spray but all to no avail. My theory is that her long blonde and mostly clean hair is like a Club Med for nits – they can’t get enough of it! And then she came home scratching her scalp again.

When I met Jess at the Bellarine Kids Expo I knew I would use her service when it was needed. Upon discovering one of the head pests I called Geelong Head Lice Service and that afternoon I had an appointment. I braided her hair and slicked it down and got on with my day. At 4.30 the Mary Poppins of nit treatments wheeled her hairdressing suitcase into my kitchen and Operation Rid Nits began. And what a fabulous operation it was!

The number one thing that stands out is that Jess gets it. After plonking an iPad down in front of my daughter, she gets to business. Firstly there is a thorough check to determine the severity and then treatment begins. But this is no chemical-poisonous-foul-fume-scalp-burning experience. Jess only uses plant based organic products and you really can tell the difference. They smell is lovely and there is none of that awful pungent chemically burnt scalp reaction. Apparently these products are so natural that you can literally eat them!

In about 90 minutes, Jess has treated the lice culprit then checked her sisters and her brother plus my mum, my husband and myself. Luckily there was nothing else to treat but it bought it home to me that I really didn’t need to treat the whole family when one child had lice. That in itself was an informative lesson. I watched Jess closely so I could be armed with more knowledge the next time the nits visited our house. She is a wealth of information and was really happy to share. But the biggest bonus for me was that the whole time that Jess was treating one of my children, I was cooking dinner and getting homework done for the others so I was able to continue my multitasking ways!

This service really is fabulous. All of the staff possesses Working with Children cards and they are discrete and professional. A follow up appointment takes place a week later and Jess writes a confidential letter to your child’s school explaining her treatment and informing them of her service. (The letter does not name the child that was treated.)

And at the end of it all, there is a professional blow wave. The Geelong Head Lice Service experience is quite literally a long hairdresser’s appointment. Glorious. My Miss Nits was so relaxed as was I!

Anna Spurling - Colour Me Anna