We are a confidential head lice removal service. Head lice (Pediculus Humanus Capitis) have been around for thousands of years, and unfortunately are regularly found to feed & breed in human hair. Following positive identification of head lice, we utilise natural ingredients and non-toxic techniques, as we care for your child’s health and safety.

Our trained staff have extensive experience in head lice removal whilst ensuring discretion and professionalism. All staff also possess current Working with Children cards.



This includes:

  • Head lice treatment with our pesticide-free, eco-friendly, all natural head lice treatment products
  • Manual comb out, Full head egg removal with our professional lice comb
  • Shampoo/blow wave & Style
  • Training and education for the family to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation

FOLLOW UP SERVICE (7-9 days after 1st treatment)

This includes:

  • All of the above PLUS
  • Geelong Head Lice Services 100% guarantee it is GONE

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We also provide head checks to local schools, kindergartens, day care centres, etc. We will perform one screening per term and where head lice are detected, treatment can begin immediately.

Our services include a free follow up within 7 days for any children detected to have head lice. Geelong Head Lice Service will also give an education session to the class about head lice and information packs** will be sent home. We also offer free over the phone advice to families with head lice.

To comply with Public Health And Wellbeing Regulations 2009, all children to be screened must have a signed parent consent form. We issue these forms prior to head lice screening.

Stop the spread before head lice start breeding faster than rabbits!

* The Working with Children (WWC) Check creates a mandatory minimum checking standard across Victoria. For more information refer to:

** All information is obtained from the Victorian Department of Health. For further information, refer to: